CRIF is a global company which is continually growing and expanding. We provide information, technology and services for decision-making processes for banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, utilities and businesses.

Working in CRIF means innovating, having passion, and thinking outside the box.
As a member of the CRIF team you can improve your skills and develop your potential.
Whatever your role, you'll contribute to the growth of the company through the development of high added-value products, solutions and services.
Together we can achieve new and surprising results!

Our professional areas:

  • Information Technology
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Consultant
  • Staff
  • Sales

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People Development

CRIF believes in its people and for this reason it has developed various tools to give them the chance to advance their career and increase their potential.

Performance Management

CRIF's performance management process is based on two approaches:

  • Quantitative: results-based
  • Qualitative: based on an assessment of behavior through comprehensive feedback

People Model

The CRIF People Model summarizes the key information about each role in the company:

  • Mission
  • Job Description
  • Eligibility
  • Skills
  • Potential career path


CRIF promotes initiatives aimed at developing a global culture, increasing the opportunities for exchanges and skill sharing between employees based in different countries:

  • Job postings and project postings
  • Vertical careers and horizontal careers

People Satisfaction Survey

CRIF periodically carries out an opinion survey as a means of measuring staff satisfaction and, more in general, the “state of health” of the organization. The aim is to give a voice to employees and to understand what type of relationship the organization has with them, what kind of work environment it has created, and the repercussions on expected behavior.

People Engagement

CRIF takes into consideration the degree of satisfaction, involvement and participation of its employees, as these are the factors believed to be important in keeping motivation levels high, contributing to organizational success. Those employees that are “engaged” and motivated are able to improve their sense of well-being, are strongly committed, have a sense of job involvement, and are proactive.